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Loch Ard Rowing Club

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SARA Safety Code

ARA Safety Code


The following information has been produced so that members are aware of the safe practices and policies which they are all expected to abide by:

1. Coxswains and coaches in launches must wear buoyancy aids at all times. Coxswains must also remove Wellington boots while in the boat.

2. Members must log 'out' and 'in' whenever they boat. A log book is provided for this purpose in The Glassert.

3. Incidents, accidents and damages must be recorded in the log book kept in The Glassert. Any head injuries or broken bones must be reported to a committee member immediately.

4. No member must go out in any boat unless they can swim at least 100 metres unaided.

5. Novice members must not boat alone, or unaccompanied by an experienced member or a launch.

6. Members are advised not to pass West of Duke Murdoch’s Island when the Loch Ard Sailing Club is holding a regatta.

7. Boats must be launched with the bows facing the oncoming wind.

8. The committee or its representative shall have the authority to deem boating unsafe due to dangerous wind conditions, or extreme cold.

9. Coaches using the launches must carry a cell phone and two way radios at all times and must have emergency numbers pre-programmed.

10. Members have a duty to notify the committee of any medical condition which may affect them during exercise.

11. All damage must be reported to a committee member.

12. Rowing in poor visibility (i.e., in the dark, or dense fog) is discouraged by the committee. Any members rowing in the dark must display a white light at both the stern and the bows.

13. Boats should be checked prior to each outing to ensure that all bolts are tight.

14. Boats should be washed and wiped down after use, to help ensure their continuing safe condition.

Unsafe acts should be reported to a Committee member. The Committee may, in its absolute discretion, remove all membership rights from any member who behaves on the loch or around the facilities in an unsafe manner.

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