Shettleston to Aberfoyle
From: Shettleston To: Aberfoyle
Driving Distance: 50.8 kilometres Time: 1 hour, 2 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
09:000.0 1   Depart Shettleston on Hallhill Road (North-East) for 0.1 km
09:000.1At roundabout, take the THIRD exit for 50 m
09:000.2Exit roundabout onto Hallhill Road for 0.2 km
09:010.4Continue (East) on B765 [Hallhill Road] for 0.8 km
09:031.2Turn RIGHT (East) onto A8 [Edinburgh Road] for 90 m
09:031.3Turn LEFT (North) onto B765 [Stepps Road] for 0.7 km
09:052.0Turn LEFT (West) onto Ramp for 0.4 km towards M8 / City Centre / Greenock
09:052.4Bear LEFT (West) onto M8 for 5.7 km
09:098.1At M8 Exit 16, bear LEFT (West) onto Ramp for 0.2 km towards A81 / Aberfoyle / George Square
09:098.3Continue (West) on Local road(s) for 0.2 km
09:108.5Continue (West) on A804 for 20 m
09:118.5Turn RIGHT (North) onto A879 [Craighall Road] for 7.4 km
09:2015.9At roundabout, take the SECOND exit for 30 m
09:2015.9Exit roundabout onto A807 [Auchenhowie Road] for 2.1 km
09:2318.0Turn RIGHT (North) onto A81 [Glasgow Road] for 15.4 km
09:4233.4At roundabout, take the SECOND exit for 60 m
09:4233.4Exit roundabout onto A81 for 16.0 km
10:0049.4Bear LEFT (West) onto A821 for 1.3 km
10:0250.7Turn LEFT (South) onto Local road(s) for 40 m
10:0250.8Bear LEFT (South-East) onto Local road(s) for 70 m
10:0250.8 2   Arrive Aberfoyle